Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dedication - Empowering My Voice

This blog is dedicated to that part of me that has been hushed up, stuffed down, given up, belittled and told it was not that important. Speaking my truth and what is on my mind has been a hard task for me because, as a woman born and raised in the south it is better to be seen but not heard. As a lesbian the shame and guilt about feeling different makes your voice hide and as a recovering Mormon I was told it is not your place. These early lessons in my voice's history made it hard for me to speak my truth, believe in a cause and more importantly love myself.

I also dedicate this blog to all the southern women being  heard before seen,to all the lesbians reclaiming there voices as they come out of hiding and to all the women recovering from religion; it is your place and your right to be heard.

This is my voice waking and me speaking my truth and claiming my power.