Sunday, April 15, 2012

Empowering- An Act of Surrender

This past month has been an exercise in surrender.  I have been brought to place where there is no more energy to fight and surrendering is the only option.  So I decided to look at it in a different way rather than how it may look to others.  I have had to release the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, while letting go of the past, and allowing myself to just rest in the present moment.

When I feel overwhelmed I stop and take a slow deep breath calming my mind. I bring myself back to the present moment, where I have a choice.  I knew, in the moment, there was nothing that I could do to fix the problem and worry would only make me sick.

It is all about surrendering and letting go of things that happened in the past and things that might happen in the future and focusing on now, the very moment we are in.   The present moment is where our personal power dwells.   

In my experience surrender does not have to mean giving up on something; it is a letting go of what you cannot control. Surrender clears the way for a calmer mind and enables the releasement of feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.   There is real strength and personal power in surrender, allowing you to see the present moment instead of looking behind, or in front, at some unforeseen incident that has occurred or might occur.  When your focus is on the present it gives you power to make conscious choices from a heart centered place of strength.  Instead of the choice being made for you or by another, you can decide what is in the best and highest good for you, and usually what is in your best and highest good is also in the best and highest good for others. 

The message here is, surrender is a sign of strength not weakness. I believe it shows emotional maturity; it takes an aware person to realize that letting go is the best option.  Any time you honor yourself it always leads to something better.