Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Fallacy

Fallacy- A mistaken belief, esp. One based on unsound argument.

There are a lot of people out there under the perception that just because you are lesbian, and are attracted to the same sex, that you must want to be a man. 

Another good line is that lesbians must suffer from a certain type of envy, described best by Freud.  My other favorite line is that gay people want to sleep with all members of the same sex.

I am here to break that out dated stigma of gay people.

Now I can not speak for every member, but for some and myself, here is the truth.

I do not or have not ever wanted to be a man.  I also do not want to sleep with every woman I see,I have taste and preference, as with all gay people. Oh, and Freud was wrong.

Just saying!    


  1. What a refreshing read! I am a straight woman who doesn't want to screw every man I encounter, either. I bet that's a relief for the world to know. :-) I am blessed to have a balanced group of friends so that my children meet people who are straight, gay, bi, transsexual and some terms I'm not clear on yet because my daughters are much better at knowing the wide variety of ways of being. Fallacies ring true so much more than truth rings true... at least for the unknowing among us.

    I just know the world is much less interesting when we all hang out with only people exactly like us.

    I'm so glad to read your posts here on the A to Z challenge. Happy Monday!

    Julie Jordan Scott
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    1. Thank you Julie,
      At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a post for F and then it hit me in-between, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and doing school work that, I wished I was as exciting as some straight folks think I am.

    2. LOL - Very funny! Great attitude & enjoyable post, too. I look forward to your next one!

  2. Your post reminds me of that saying, "Life begins where fear ends." Frightened people make a lot of assumptions like the ones you mention, and those assumptions can drive them into a little corner of know-it-all-ness. They end up living in a teeny tiny world!

    ~Tui Snider~
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  3. Great post, I am straight and lead a conservative lifestyle by choice, because I think in my case it is conducive to the best parenting I can offer my teen.
    I think people are people. I was adventuresome when I was younger and I really thought my generation (will be 55 in July) had broken through so many barriers and today I realize that is not the case!
    I really admire bloggers who explain fearlessly putting themselves out there. It was a refreshing A to Z . Be happy always and be you !!!! #AtoZchallenge stop Mine are just GOURDS at

  4. I think we are getting more tolerant, and that's what needed. The understanding that even if you don't believe someone else's belief, lifestyle, sexuality, that you shouldn't butt in and cause hassle. Of course there will always be the nuts! thank you for sharing. So nice to connect and follow

  5. Your post brings to mind a book I read this summer called "If You Could Be Mine" by Sara Farizan. It is about an Iranian girl who is in love with her best friend. The thing is, being gay in Iran is illegal, but getting a sex change is acceptable - it is bizarre. Anyway, the protagonist struggles with the decision over whether or not she should have the procedure done so she can live with her love. It is an interesting look at this culture and the struggle with the exact misconception you bring up here!

  6. I love your short bio, 'to stand in their truth.. .with integrity'. What a wonderful goal and something we should all be striving for.
    I have always had friends who are gay and it never occurred to me to that people would assume it is because you want to be the sex you are not. Interesting, but as you say not true for everyone. I run across that misconception with people who cross dress and that is not the case there either.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fantastic Post. Never a truer word printed. Best of luck. I also write a blog here: which is about my own personal life (day to day stuff), if you'd like to read it at some stage. I've been lucky with my family and my lovely T, friends etc. Just extending a hand of friendship if you want.