Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Openness

 During these posts about my past and struggle with coming out, I wanted to remain open and share from the deepest place of williness to effect change. 

remaining open and sharing is part of healing.

I am open because that is what is needed to help heal the split between equality and tolerance.  Tolerance to me just gives other people justification to quietly believe Gay people have a choice while equality lets them know we were born this way. 

I was born this way, my first crushes were girls, but at the time I did not understand what that meant.

I want a life that is open, where I don’t have to hide any aspect of my life.  When I have to hold back a part of myself and use pronouns to describe my significant other it feels dishonest.

There is a feeling of not being fully present, when I hold back a part of myself.  


  1. I totally agree that tolerance isn't the same as equality and acceptance. If someone is being merely tolerated, it's not the same as being completely loved and accepted for one's true self. As it says in The Hua Hu Ching, to the highly-evolved being, there is no such thing as tolerance, only acceptance, because a truly enlightened person doesn't see boundaries between self and other.

    1. Thank you, I agree with that, equality come from enlightenment and only then do we see human beings, all the pettiness or concern with who someone sleeps with or loves falls away.

  2. Hi, I found your blog through the A to Z list. I'm glad I did. I've read a few of your posts and I admire you. It can't be easy to deal with trying to prove to others and yourself that being you is enough and that there is nothing wrong with it.

    I have to remind myself from time to time that I'm a person worth being.

    New follower and glad to be one.

    LittleCely's Blog

    1. Thank you, I have had to remind myself that I am worthy to take up the space I occupy. It can be a difficult process for sure, however in the end there is the beauty of how far you have come. Your presents alone tells me that you are beyond worthy of being.

  3. I am glad I have a wide variety of friends. I am glad you chose to focus on the word OPEN. It is significant for each and all... to be open to love people as people, always -

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z

  4. Tolerance is a word that I am not comfortable with, I do much prefer equality. Great post.