Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Tom

I remember it made me angry, the skinny boy who nicknamed tom in the fourth grade. The anger would well up inside me and I would squint my eyes, and ball up my fists, but never lash out.

I was an active little girl and loved all things outdoors, running, climbing trees and playing sports.  

I was a Tomboy!

Those were hard times, I could not understand why, I was teased or pick on because I was good at sports and could do outdoor activities better than boys.  

Fact #1-Being a Tomboy does not necessarily mean that you are going to grow up be a Lesbian. 

I thought maybe I should talk about boys and how cute they are to make friends. Unfortunately,  the teasing of calling me Tom continued.

Fact#2- Pretending to be someone you are not, never works.

Then I thought I would play sports differently let the boys win, when that did not work, I never let them beat me at any game again. 

Fact#3- playing small, never ever helps anyone. Do not give your power up to make another feel bigger.  Your light is to valuable to the world.

That is a short version of how Confessions of a girl named Tom came about.  
So, I say to that boy how called me Tom, Thank you,

I am using those words of intolerance to light the path of others being tormented by bigotry or those afraid of difference.

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