Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Judgement

Judgment, it happens every day without us even realizing it is happening.

I have been on the receiving end of judgment more times than I can count.  

My first run in with judgment came in early childhood, when I decided, in church, I wanted to be a bishop and move people to the lord, my mom quietly said to me," you can’t honey it’s not our place." And just like that I was hit by judgment and for something as basic as gender.

My next run in with Judgment left me battered and a little hurt, but still I managed to get back up, as unsteady as I was.  I believe it is harder to recover when the statement of judgment are coming from a place that should be safe and full of unconditional love.  

That is where you learn love is conditional

Now, I don’t just come out and say hi, my name is Christie, nice to meet you, I sleep with women.

It really is not the most important fact about me, so why lead with that fact. 

I let people get to know me first, before I decide if they can be trusted with that information.

I do this because, I have been fired from jobs becasue someone, I let know I was gay, told others at work.  Now, I no longer talk about my life outside the office, becasue of Judgement. 

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  1. It's a difficult situation, and a hard thing to do, to trust someone enough to tell them. It's a pity that those you worked for were so narrow minded. Great post.